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The second Frailty full-length album "Melpomene" 2012 (Arx Productions / P3lican)

Frailty reveals that during the creation of this album it has turned into a dark contemplation about present, past and future, about reality and fantasy.

The whole combination of these symbols lead the listener into the very heart of the music where melancholy meets the aggression and sorrow meets the storm.

The meditations of darkness are going hand in hand with the epic hymns and the horrors of madness.

The artwork for the new Frailty’s album "Melpomene" was intended to be something different to intentionally break the expectations associated with the cliches of how a decent Doom metal album artwork should look.


released February 24, 2012

Mārtiņš Lazdāns - Vocals
Edmunds Vizla - Guitars & Vocals
Jēkabs Vilkārsis - Guitars
Jānis Jēkabsons - Bass guitar
Ivita Puzo - Keyboards
Lauris Polinskis - Drums

Additional keyboard arrangements & effects by Jānis Krivāns

Violin on Onegin’s Death by Velga Šaršūne

All music composed by E. Vizla, arrangements by Frailty. All lyrics by E. Vizla.

Album recorded and mixed by Gints Lundbergs at Pentagon Studio in the dark evenings of November/December 2011.

Album artwork by Renāte Miļūne

Equipment used: Line 6 amps, Mesa Boogie cabinets, Ampeq amps & cabinets, Gibson, Epiphone & Ibanez guitars, EMG pickups, DiMarzio pickup's, Dunlop & Dean Markley strings, Yamaha & M-Audio keyboards.

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Frailty Latvia

Frailty is a modern doom metal band, from Riga, Latvia, creating and performing dark and disturbing sounds of melancholy and tragedy. Frailty’s music is the reflection of humanity’s sickness, sorrows and coldness expressed through many faced musical approaches starting from influences of early doom/death metal, slowly evolving into more abstract ambient and ethnic soundscapes. ... more

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Track Name: WENDIGO

Running in this ice storm
Feet has had no rest
since the start
He will feed on human flesh
Teeth grin with blood
Rot, pain, gore, death

This is the dreadful night
Grave spirit’s possessed body
Wendigo wailing in the voice of the wind
Your soul will be swept away

Doom lurks behind those trees
Snow will cover the dead body
Arise from the shadows, the skeletal form
In this winter, the hunger is forever

Snow will cover my sins
Red as blood, my own blood
Voice in the wind calls our doom
I see the dead eyes burning me

This is the sad and painful truth
Grave hunger’s possessed body
Will become demonic and foul
Grim human nature,
our sins red as the blood

We are the Hell, we’ll be the Death
We’ll be the Death!
We are the Hell,
we’ll be the Death, we’ll be the Death,
The Hell itself!!!

(dedicated to Frank Zappa)
Track Name: COLD SKY

Awaken under the sky
Clear sky, but so cold

Where the sky grows
The angels mourn
Their hearts are torn
Cold sky, my empty home

Faces, lost and empty shapes
You among the bitter lies
Our time is passing by
Beneath the cold grey sky

The rotting begins from inside
The light of your life,
The depths of your eyes
Unhide the horrible truth divine
We are lost to each other
Taken away by this night

The shadow
of tonight’s insomnia
Takes me to the lonely land
Of desolate moors and silence

Away from the city lights
Forgotten the whores’ thirsty lips
Beyond the walls of glass and concrete
To much more deeper senses

Primeval and dark, unrecalled silence
Unified with memories
from a bleak childhood
I came here to die, at least in my thoughts
Seeking the silence to a motionless state
The wind is the weeper
above my fallen body
Cold smell of decay
portraits the face of the night
Dressed in the far away
echoes of memories

My song burns out
upon this dark landscape
Silence is everything
She is everything

His eyes, his hands
Upwards to distant sky
Coldness is eternal
Darkness is not a blessing
Pressure he endures
Underwater, away from sight
Without his children
His name is effigy to them

His thoughts above the liquid
To the wretched shore where they live
Cast him in, the darkness calls his name
Forget the time
when he was something else
Than stone...

The will to live
Arise anew and be
The deep is pulsing
Echoes silent, agonizing
Darkness may be a blessing
Coldness his dearest friend
His children equal scum
His name is strange to them

Enter the doomed halls
Of eternal damnation
Where your nothingness
Meets its end
Dreadful chambers of agony
Putrefied mass to cover your body
Sorrow is like a tender mother to care
When all is lost, this sadness remains...

Majesty in this end of yours
Embrace the destiny of martyrdom
Madness is carried within the streams of life
To rule your thoughts with an iron whip
Enchained in unmerciful coldness
Crying for the loved ones who are gone
Mystery of eternal sleep of nightmares
Is carried away with the flow of the rivers
To the gray oceans polluted with tears

Sing the ageless song
Brake the chains of reason
The sword in your hand
Will guide you through

Christened by blood
The life-giving sparkle won’t fade
The eternal emerald shines
Old fairy tales return from the dust

Decay and the rust won’t break the heart
You will never die in my dreams
If something is truly forever
It’s the fire between us

Sing the ageless song
Brake the chains of reason
The sword in your hand
Will guide you through
The night is feral
The trees seem alive
Howling of nightmares
Dead shadows you must fight

Enthralled by your eyes
This sorrow is mine
All this pain is mine
Cry for me when the winds come
The storms never die
The storms never die

I wept for my loss of this moment
The magical chalice lies broken
Grieve over light that is stolen
The kingdom of dreams has fallen

Towards where
The gods and eagles dare
Away from this curse
Of infinite pain
The thundering heights,
Above the mankind’s creation
Cold Olympus
In mortal visions of desperation

Breastfed with bloody milk to makethem heroes
Raised to make a stand for something

Remember how you were down
Amid the ignorant crowd

Oh, the solemn majesty
Of high mountains
Dreams rush to your
Powerful silence
We kneel and we die
We are all ashamed...
Knowing our hidden weakness

(Struggles brought to naught by the higher hand
Close your eyes repent and bleed)

Remember how you were down
Amid the ignorant crowd

I would kill my brother
Just to get higher above them
I would betray my father
Just to see that the stars are mine
Nothing is sacred when we climb up
The mountain of these earthly treasures
Flesh and gold, swords and pride
Commit your soul to the fire

Remember how you were down
Amid the ignorant crowd!