Lost Lifeless Lights

by Frailty

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Scull crushing debut album for doom/death metal band Frailty!


released May 16, 2008



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Frailty Latvia

Frailty is a modern doom metal band, from Riga, Latvia, creating and performing dark and disturbing sounds of melancholy and tragedy. Frailty’s music is the reflection of humanity’s sickness, sorrows and coldness expressed through many faced musical approaches starting from influences of early doom/death metal, slowly evolving into more abstract ambient and ethnic soundscapes. ... more

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Track Name: I Know Your Pain
I know your pain

I know your pain
Like no one else does
I'll stay with you
Until your silence comes

Wind talks in the grass
Beneath our feet
Above our heads
In the weeping trees

I'll stay with you
On this day we lost
We paid the price
That we feared most

Gone is the joy
Into the Stygian void
The sky bleeding the rain
The soil shutters in pain

I know you all
Like no one else does
So it makes it easy
To kiss last goodbye
Kill you in sadness
But still keeping the smile...
Track Name: Ariadne

Ariadne, sweet angel of mine
The light of the stars hides in your eyes
Ariadne, sweet angel of mine
Will your death be mine?

Bleeding for you, as you cry for me
Silent your waters are rest here with me
Crestfallen are your nightfall eyes
Celestial tears like the stars in the night
Autumnal darkness of sin and of woe
Kissing the frailty of your dreams
Emptiness and the passionate soul
God's heavy hand to bring your sleep

Ariadne, sweet angel of mine
Secrets and horrors hides in your mind
Ariadne, sweet angel of mine
Let your death be mine

Ariadne, dark angel of mine
Let your darkness be mine
Ariadne, dark angel of mine
Will in our death we be entwined?
Track Name: The River of Serpents
The River of Serpents

My river of serpents, innocence is your name
When dawn entwines me in its cold dew
The grass awakes the serpent's dream

Oh, mournful eyes, lust is gone
Forever seems the cold morning mist
The river of mine, waters of black hate
Pure am I, I saw a ghost of her dying light

(The river, it crawls close to me...
And serpents are all around my forlorn shade
Haunting me, the whispering of ghosts

The longing won't stop, my raven heart
The grass whispers, the mist is my veil
Of innocence and of my hate...)

Take me down, let me be free
In my river of serpent dreams
Tending the cold caresses, my mournful eyes
My suffering is your time...

(The longing won't stop, light descends
Of suffering he is born, the shade of man
He once was... he once was a light...)
Track Name: Graphics in Ebony
Graphics in Ebony

She take me down. Crushing, burning
Never released. Destiny, fading
Her mind is darkened. Bleakness, forgiveness

For your fall. Insane, black hearted
So far away. Desolate, mesmerized
Sleep to be free. Atrocity, savagery
In her heart

To the silent gloom
I give up my hope
Lunatic eyes
Stare at me
Count the restless dreams
Spent drinking the poison
Misery takes me
Over again...

Home far away, lights forgotten
For hours I have been breathing
The tranquility of the dark forest
I have never seen it before
And I go deeper in the shadows
Searching for her horrors
Insanity that brought me to my knees

Ant there she was
Pure evil substance
Black like the raven
Slimy and cold

Bright graphics in ebony
Her eyes burning with fever
All the horrors I've known
All brought my doom

Time passing dead
Blank stare at the walls
Black beating silence
On knees I crawl
Her hatred as love
Way to my fall
Deep down below
Forgotten at all
Track Name: The Fall of Eve
The Fall of Eve

Bleak sculptures in the twilight of the fall
Beyond beauty are the visions of mine
Dark is the majestic crown of autumn fade
Such a strange song weeps in my mind

Glory of past days when we ruled
A thousand battles did we won by sword
My brothers lay down in death
Tarnished their armor, souls forgotten by time
By time...

Recall who I was
Damnation we gained
In the season of fall
Desolation I reap

Fade to salvation, inside is the pain
No hopes for future, night takes the day
Track Name: A Summer to Die
A Summer to Die

Nature's own heart.
Behold, the true redemption!
Days passing by, resting alone.
Sweet light and a perfect summer to die.
Her love is a thorn in my own heart.
And the heat flows like a stream...
To drink her up.
To know her deep.
Watching her.
Wanting her.
Taking her body.
Sweet light and a summer to die...
In the heat of the sun in nature's own heart.
Track Name: The Scorn
The Scorn

Take my eyes
I cannot watch myself
In this tomb of pain
Farewell, my love
Hunting mind, blackened heart
I am a vessel of hate itself
Fallen god, mindless herd
Searing flames ascend
Destruction... of wisdom
Flowers wither beneath our feet
As wee die the slow death
Entwined... forever

Take my eyes
I cannot watch myself
In this tomb of pain
Farewell, my love

Stay with me, don't let me go
It's cold and dark, say you won't leave
Stars will fall, we will die
Not a tear will be shed for us...
Track Name: Lūgšana (Monro cover)
Lūgšana (Monro cover)

Lai brīdī nokavētā
Tavās krūtīs rēta
Lai dzīst

Lai manās lūpās vārdi
Manu dusmu vārdi
Lai vīst

Lai tavās acīs lāses
Manu skumju vāzē
Lai krīt

Lai tavas siltās rokas
Izbeidz manas mokas
Lai rīt

Nakts kas būs vieno mūs sevī. Sevī!
Nakts kas būs vieno mūs sevī. Sevī, je-ijē!

Lai sirdis vienmēr ??atbild??
Pārvērš dienu naktī
Lai sirds

Lai, ja šī nakts reiz būs
Atkal vieno mūs
Tā būs

Nakts kas būs vieno mūs sevī. Sevī!
Nakts kas būs vieno mūs sevī. Sevīīīīī!
Nakts kas būs vieno mūs sevī. Sevīīīīī, je-ijē!